Hestan Vineyards Tasting Room

Nestled in the heart of the Napa Valley, among vineyards between the Mayacamas Mountains and the Napa River, the town of Yountville has become one of the most acclaimed destinations for foodies from around the world. Award-wining wineries line Washington Street along with restaurants, cafés, shops, art galleries, and museums. Yountville is called the “gourmet mile” for good reason. It is home to more Michelin Star restaurants and chefs per square mile than anywhere else in the world. However, Michelin Star or not, the food here is amazing! It is truly a place where wine and food are celebrated as an art and Hestan Vineyards tasting room is a perfect example to showcase that.

Stanley and Helen Cheng, the owners of Hestan Vineyards (the name Hestan is a combination of the couple's first names) opened their tasting room on July 2013 and it became the 16th wine tasting room in the town of Yountville. This family-owned estate winery offers 3 wine labels created by two of Napa Valley's most talented winemakers, Thomas Rivers Brown and Jeff Gaffner, and all are inspired by the wines of Bordeaux. Besides serving wines from the winery’s limited production, they also showcase gourmet cookware from Cheng’s global company and hand-hammered copper pieces from Italy’s Ruffoni family. 

If you are passionate about wine, food, architecture and design, this place has it all! Hestan's tasting room offers a memorable wine tasting experience while bringing up modernity and elegance. Designed by the architect Farro Essalat, this unique, bright and modern space demonstrates a contemporary architectural design with beautiful glass walls and a gorgeous material combination that includes wood, steel, hand-forged copper, concrete and granite.

When I first moved to the Napa Valley, Hestan was one of the first tasting rooms I visited and I remember immediately falling in love with the wines, the space and the atmosphere. It was a true honor to capture some of this character through photography!

From more info about Hestan Vineyards, here is a link to their website, www.hestanvineyards.com.