Mariana first realized the incredible beauty of the world around her while growing up in her hometown in Bello Horizonte, Costa Rica. From a young age she dreamed of capturing that beauty through various forms of art but found her true passion when she picked up a camera for the first time. After traveling the world Mariana spent some time in California and fell particularly in love with the Napa Valley. She packed up her life and moved to California in pursuit of her dreams in photography and continues to be inspired by the beautiful scenery.

With a degree in Architecture, a technical background in design and a naturally gifted eye for photography, she brings an upbeat approach to every photo shoot.

She is fluent in four languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian) and is truly a passion-driven person that always sees the best in every situation 

Besides photography, Mariana has worked extensively in graphic arts and has a passion for traditional art forms

- I N M Y O W N W O R D S -

I LOVE watching relationships unfold in front of my lens!

As a wedding photographer, connecting with couples and photographing their love story feels like my purpose in life. I love meeting people and using the art of photography to be creative. I adore making my brides and grooms feel comfortable when I’m capturing stolen glances, gentle kisses, and every priceless moment of their wedding day. I will always find the way to make your wedding day simple for you, and focus on the adorable candid moments that naturally occur between two people who are madly in love and the people around them.

I am affordable and willing to work with any budget because wedding photography is my passion. My couples matter to me — they start out as friends who eventually grow into my family!

- M Y P H O T O G R A P H Y S T Y L E ? -

I don't really follow a specific photography style, however, I could describe my photos as raw and real. Full of energy and emotions.
I always try to flow with the moment and mix different styles according to the occasion (the people, the location, the weather). After all, photography is a representation of EMOTION and emotions change!