Joy & Brandon | Muir Woods & Mt. Tamalpais

From the couple, Joy and Brandon... "Brandon and I met in March of 2015 through online dating. Both of us had never tried it before and so we were immediately drawn through conversation at first with that revelation.  April 7th was our first official date and we decided to meet for drinks. But I remember the moment he walked around the corner to meet me that my life was going to change. I was so drawn to him, and he to I, we both look back now and understand what "love at first sight" is. Our souls connected and when we parted at the end of the night he hugged me, I mean really hugged me, and I knew then that I was going to be his forever. We've been inseparable ever since. Five months into dating, Brandon - who finds enjoyment in cooking for me (lucky girl!)- planned out a wonderful Asian dish for dinner. He also made me a homemade ice-cream sandwich for dessert and in the middle of the vanilla ice cream I found a sparkling ring! We have both been through a lot in the last 2 years since we became engaged but neither of us would change a thing. We've grown closer and stronger as a couple and we look forward to celebrating our marriage soon and a life together forward!"  

Joy and Brandon knew they wanted an outdoors setting with a woodsy feel for their engagement session, so we decided that Muir Woods would make a great choice. I've been to Muir Woods multiple times since I moved to California, and each time, I find its natural beauty more inspiring and overwhelming than before. 

I photographed their engagement session on a Sunday afternoon - this was the only time of the week they could make it work because of their busy schedules - and with this spot being such a popular tourist attraction there were people everywhere! We took our time, strolled around the park and found dreamy little creeks, pockets of light and towering trees far away from the crowd. Like most of the couples in their first professional photo shoot, they were nervous and excited all at the same time. However, they were full of genuine and kind love. The natural and calm setting of the woods couldn't have been any more perfect for them. The evening was pure fun and magic!

After taking some photos at Muir Wood we headed over to one of my favorite spots in Marin to catch a bit of the sunset, Mount Tamalpais. Holy WOW, what a view with both the city and the ocean behind. So beautiful! If you’ve never been up there, you really must check it out. 

This two will be getting married in April next year in Napa Valley and I’m so excited to spend their special day with them not only as their wedding photographer but as a friend. 

Check out some some of my favorites photos from their woodsy engagement session below. Enjoy!