About Mariana

Mariana first realized the incredible beauty of the world around her while growing up in her hometown in Bello Horizonte, Costa Rica. From a young age she dreamed of capturing that beauty through various forms of art but found her true passion when she picked up a camera for the first time. After traveling the world Mariana spent some time in California and fell particularly in love with the Napa Valley. She packed up her life and moved to California in pursuit of her dreams in photography and continues to be inspired by the beautiful scenery.
With a degree in Architecture, a technical background in design and a naturally gifted eye for photography, she brings an upbeat approach to every photo shoot.
She is fluent in four languages (Spanish, English, French, Italian) and is truly a passion-driven person that always sees the best in every situation 
Besides photography, Mariana has worked extensively in graphic arts and has a passion for traditional art forms


Featured, Donec Nec Justo, 2015
Winner, Fusce Odio Velit, 2014
Winner, Non Nisl at Mauris, 2014


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